Attack of the Murder Hornets documentary shares shocking clip!

With all that went on in 2020, the invasion of the murder hornets in the United States quickly moved off the front page. But you may recall from last year, the homicidal Asian giant hornets first being spotted in Washington State quickly began to spread across North America. Discovery Plus just released an amazing documentary on the murder hornets you’ll want to see!

Attack of the Murder Hornets on Discovery Plus follows scientists and researchers as they hunt this invasive species of giant hornets to prevent a US invasion. These aggressive hornets measure up to 2 inches long and attack bees for the fun it out. One hornet can kill 30 bees in a single minute!

The movie follows a team of determined beekeepers, scientists, and government workers as they race to locate, and stop these aggressive Asian giant hornets before they can spread throughout the entire United States.

This is must-see viewing for Discovery channel lovers! This feature is now available on Discovery Plus.