“I was more worried about getting permanent nerve damage”

The scientist charged with vacuuming up a nest of “murder hornets” has said that he feared permanent nerve damage from squirted venom over their toxic stinger. Chris Looney, an entomologist with the Washington state department of agriculture, “I was more worried about getting permanent nerve damage in the eye from the squirted venom than being … Read more

Virgin Queen Captured in Washington State

Two murder hornet queens that escaped last weekend’s vacuuming of their nest in a Washington State tree have been captured. The Washington Department of Agriculture said at least one of the queens is a “virgin,” meaning it was still developing the reproductive system that would allow it to lay eggs and populate a colony. Entomologists used radio … Read more

What will kill a hornets nest?

Getting Rid of Wasp and Hornets Treating murder hornets and other wasps should be done at night, without agitating or disturbing the nest. You will need a quick spray of PT Wasp and Hornet Insecticide. Care should be taken when spraying directly on trees and bushes with the product, spraying as little as possible. If you … Read more